CoreLogic: The Myth of the Boomerang Buyer

From 2007 to 2013, more than 3 million homeowners lost their houses to foreclosure after the housing bubble burst.  Over the past few years, the predictions for their return to the housing market have been very optimistic.  Headlines from the National Association of REALTORS have proclaimed the so-called boomerang buyers would be enthusiastically jumping back into the housing market.

“NAR Study: Return Buyers Expected to Boost Housing Demand in Coming Years”

“Boomerang Buyers Making Moves to Return to Home Ownership”

“Return Buyers: Housing’s Next Boom”

But a recent study from the real estate data website Core Logic tells a different story.  Once burned by home foreclosures, the so-called boomerang buyers may be understandably twice shy about getting back into the market.

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