AirBnB Accused of Racism

AirBnB, the online marketplace for finding a place to stay, whether it’s a couch in someone’s living room or a castle in France. They have over 2 Million listings worldwide that has placed over 60 Million people in over 190 countries. But a recent lawsuit alleges that the design of the website allows AirBnb hosts to discriminate against guests because race.
RUSSELL BRANDOM, who writes for The Verge about the web, the culture, the law, and movies, tells us the story.

A class action suit has grown from a complaint by Gregory Selden who encountered the alleged discrimination while attempting to book a room in Philadelphia in March of 2015. He was rejected from one room, being told it was fully booked, but then found a separate listing advertising the same room as still available. Pretending to be white, he was able to book the room twice during times he had been rejected and told the room was not available.

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