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The heart of your largest financial and emotional investment. The HomeFront with Gil Gross gives you the critical information you need to gain the largest return on that investment, whether it’s cash or comfort.

If you own a home, it’s the largest financial transaction of your lifetime. If you rent your home, it’s probably the largest expenditure in your household budget. The HomeFront with Gil Gross will save you time and money giving you the very best consumer advice on issues from refinancing to renovating, and decorating to deal-making.

The HomeFront is heard on some of the greatest radio stations nationwide including KMOX-AM in St. Louis, KSTE-AM in Sacramento, and WOOD in Grand Rapids. Every segment of The HomeFront is available on our podcast. Click here to subscribe.

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Gil Gross gil

Gil Gross is an award-winning and respected broadcaster who brings his signature interview style, encyclopedic knowledge and dry wit to The HomeFront. Gil became the youngest anchorman in ABC News history at age 23. He went on to win a string of investigative and journalism awards, including the Edward R Murrow award for writing. Gil Gross was the main substitute host for Paul Harvey at ABC, and for Charles Osgood while at CBS.

His credentials include stints at KGO and KKSF in San Francisco, WLS-AM in Chicago, and WABC-AM, WCBS-AM and WOR-AM in New York City. He served as host of “Real Estate Today” the program from the National Association of Realtors, for the past eight years. Now Gil brings his talent and expertise to The HomeFront.

Gil entertains his legions of fans on Facebook, posting witty and entertaining commentary about politics and life.

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